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      2. 返回Technical
        • 管理方針

        • 管理目標

          客戶投訴率 < 1%
          成品合格率 > 99%
          供應商準時交付率 100%
          我司產品準時交付率 100%
          客戶滿意度 > 99%
        • 工作目標


        Quality Assurance System

        In the process of development, with the joint hands, all staff work together to build a first-class culture and first-class enterprise. Adhering to ISO9001 Standard and the perseverance spirit, the company witnesses broad participation in quality promotion and continuous absorption of latest international technologies, so as to improve product qualities and to meet customer needs. Our tenet is as follows: first person, then business; first-class talents make first-class products. 1. Represented by managers, company plans and implements ISO9002 quality guarantee system and TS16949 certification system, which have compiled 23 program files to clear responsibilities and cooperation of departments, indicated specific ways of quality activities and fully met 19 elements of ISO90002 standard requirements. 2. For the sake of achieving the PCB products quality consistency, we also have realized the standardized operation of employees to fully satisfy customers' requirements on product quality. With more than 70 instructions, technology essences of the company and peer are summarized to ensure the product quality and fast delivery. 3. In order to verify the effectiveness of the quality system and to traces the history of product processing, the company has produced more than 70 copies of quality record forms, to ensure that the material tracks are recorded from entering into the factory to the product processing process, so that all product quality can been fully guaranteed.

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